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Oulun Fröökynät
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The youth choir Oulun Fröökynät, the youngest of the choirs of the YMCA in Oulu, was founded in 1988. The Choir features about 25 singers, ranging in age from 13 to 22. It is a member of the Finnish Amateur Musicians' Association (SULASOL).

The weekly rehearsals began in August 1988. The Choir was given the name Oulun Fröökynät (freely translated, the Young Ladies of Oulu) in a parents' meeting in 1989. From the very beginning there was a wish to include both spiritual and secular music in its programme. The first director was Ms Liisa Räisänen, whose long-standing work created excellent conditions for the Choir's future. After several other dedicated directors, Mr Ahti Sepp has been its director from 1999 till the present. Mr Sepp has worked as director and music teacher both in Estonia and Finland .

The Choir had a training choir for younger girls already in 1993–1994, and after a lapse of five years it was founded again in 1999 and given the name Lauluflikat (Singing Girls). At present this choir has 24 members, aged between 7 and 13. Its directors have included many skilled singing teachers, latest Mr Ahti Sepp, who took on this post in 2006.

The Choir's versatile programme ranges from medieval church music to traditional women's choir repertoires, to folk music from different cultures and to more experimental music types, such as pop and rock music arranged to the Choir. The girls sing both a cappella and accompanied with different instruments. The Choir thus provides a wide music education and gives varied skills in choral singing to the girls.

In addition to the weekly rehearsals, the girls attend a rehearsal camp at Rokua about four times a year. The Choir gives several concerts every year, the regular ones including Spring concert, Father's Day concert and Christmas concert. It also assists in church services.

Oulun Fröökynät has taken part in several national choir competitions and chorus reviews. In the Tampere Vocal Music Festival it was awarded a golden stamp in 1991 and a silver stamp in 1995, while the training choir acquired three bronze stamps in 1995. The Choir took part in the Kempele International Choir Festival in 1994 and 2001. It has also performed in several European countries, including Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Estonia, Spain, the Czech Republic and Denmark.

Oulun Fröökynät has made four recordings: Että he kaikki olisivat yhtä (That They All Be One) in 1996 and ” …kaunis on ” (“... Is Beautiful”) in 2001/2003, Tyttö ja Laulu (Girl and Song) in 2009, and, together with the boys' choir Ynnin pojat, Raatinsaaren joulu (Christmas on Raatinsaari) in 2010.